THR by tillieke

I wanted to do an exercise in patience and see how close I could get my drawing to the original reference. This is as close I will ever get I think… In hindsight this wasn’t the best reference to pick but hey the more you know… :B

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to finish it :)

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Late night sketching… Guess who? 

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I’ve waited until today to post this drawing because… you know why.


Benedict Cumberbatch by Mi-caw-ber

Benedict nonstop, I feel like I’m drawing a Countdown xD”
But I don’t care, just khan’t stop!
Took me 5 hours, one of my favourite picture of him. I really really love the contrast of shadow and light in it. And this time I’m completely satisfied with the result..

Thank you all for watching/faving/reblogging :] You’re great, each and everyone of you! I’m really looking forward to 500 followers. …thinking about a special entry or something ;]

Oh and btw… I’ll upload the fully finished version of Smauglock tomorrow.
So stay tuned :]

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here’s my watercolor painting of John Watson & Sherlock Holmes http://ermitanyongpalits.deviantart.com/

art by junejuly15

Irene Adler by me :)
Available on Society6! :3

Irene Adler by me :)
Available on Society6! :3


And here is the result from tonight’s stream! I might draw Sherlock again soon, because I forgot how much I enjoyed realism portraits, haha. Thanks again to everyone who was watching, you were absolutely lovely<3

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It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve sketched anything, but I know if I don’t start again, I’ll never get better, so here goes! Thanks to anotherwellkeptsecret - you always post such motivational messages to other artists, and going through your entire art archive yesterday and watching the evolution of your style and skill inspired me to sit down and draw today. I just started up ASiP and paused when I saw a pretty frame. This is right after Sherlock says, “You weren’t wearing lipstick before” to Molly. I feel a bit like Molly right now: super nervous, but trying to be brave and put myself out there!

Beautiful and I love his expression!

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EDIT: I decided I like the clean version better. Sorry.

Graphite pencils, black coloured pencil and ink on A4 paper